Anton Briansó

Specialized in photography, lifestyle and advertising, he combines the work of a photographer and producer.

He is a prolific traveler and travelled all throughout the Americas. At the end of his trip he settled some years in Chile, where he worked for producers and international agencies such as McCann, Publicis, BBDO or Ogilvy.

Now, again in Barcelona, he is the founder of Alma Producciones together with Joana Salvà.



Roger Grasas

He began his professional career in 1999 combining documentary reporting for NGOs around the world with editorial and publicity commissions. In 2008 he went to the Persian Gulf to become an 'official portraitist' of the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the Emirates.

From his years in the desert of the Arabian peninsula, he emerged with his award-winning artistic project 'Min Turab' recently published in book format by Editorial RM.

Roger knows how to move well in artistic projects and in productions that require cunning and imagination.



Manolo Pavón

He is the most passionate photographer of the world cinema (at least of ours).

From a young age he always with camera in hand, taking pictures and shorts with his brother. Currently, he has specialized in photography for signage, fixed photography and advertising for feature films.

Manolo is known for his peculiar way of looking and giving his projects a cinematographic aesthetic that makes them unique.